Join in Praying for the Nations

Prayer Points

Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope…

- Zechariah 9:12

we come to a God who says ‘come to Me and I will answer you, come to Me - you who are tired and weary, come to Me and “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are Mine…’

He says “…He who made the earth, the Lord who formed it and established it - the Lord is his name: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

- Jer 33: 2 - 3
For those who are infected:
  • the Lord would protect those who infected with this virus. that their bodies would fight this infection - He would fill them with strength on High. He would open their eyes to see Him and speak into their beings and they would know His power and glorify Him.
  • that He would provide for their need - whether it is care from family members and friends, food and medical supplies or treatment from experts in the medical services. no one who is infected would lack care and treatment.
  • for those who are in quarantine - that they would not think of themselves as the outcasts of today. that they would utilise this time well and that Your Holy Spirit would come down upon them wherever they are to know your acceptance and love and come to a new revelation of who You are and who You have called them to be.
For those providing care:
  • for the family members and friends of those who are in self-quarantine. that they would be sensitive and strong. that they would not get burnt out serving - especially if there is more than one family member ill.
  • that they would lack no good thing in providing care. they would have the resources to access food and medical supplies.
  • that those in the medical field would be filled with your grace and strength. These are tiring times for them - a lot of work and, maybe, a lack of resources and supplies. we pray discernment and wisdom on those experts and that they would serve each other, serve the patients and let your compassion shine. May Your presence be their portion.
For those in leadership:
  • discernment and wisdom so that they are able to see ahead and know what needs to be done regarding the health and economy of each state and country. Unity in the leadership of states and countries as we work at moving ahead together in tackling the effects of this unprecedented situation.
  • that they know that they have been placed in that role for a time such as this and not to shirk responsibility and blame others - but to carry the people and make sure that none get left behind - even as the infrastructure is limited. that the government is able to spur the economy on and make sure that salary cuts and job losses are not the norm…
For the nation:
  • millions are going to be hit by the economic impact of this virus. we pray that the Lord would open the eyes of the church to be able to reach out and serve those who have lost jobs or seen their earnings reduced.
  • hotels, restaurants, railways, airlines, educational institutions are all shut - there are many who derive their income based on these institutions… we pray for those who survive on daily wages and see their income reduced to a trickle or completely stopped - Lord fill them with Your word and presence and lead Your church to serve those who have been left with nothing.
  • with education institutions shut - we pray that the students will not have a disruptive year ahead - but would be able to pick up from they they left off. as a people we would learn serving and looking out for each other once again. we have had a divisive few months behind us - we pray that this sense of unity grows and we stand as one nation again.
  • we would not gossip and spread rumours about what we heard - but confirm all news before we pass it on.
For the media:
  • that the media would be honest and responsible in the way it reports.
  • we would not be biased in our reporting and hold those accountable to lead us to the right standard.
  • we would not be sensational in the way we present what is happening and we would highlight the issues of those most hit by this situation.
For the church:
  • that the Lord will stir in our hearts the desire and will to remain in His presence - where there is fullness of joy. that we would be the light in the tunnel for those around us - in our neighbourhood, our families and friends. we would speak hope and seek to build relationships in these times
  • in these days wherein we are not able to travel let us seek the Lord and reach out to friends and family. let us have times of worship and prayer as we seek the Holy Spirit and reach out to those in need.
  • let the testimony of the church stand. that we give as the Lord has freely given us. that that we, as a body, would give - four resources, time and energy to serve those in need.
  • even as we find ourselves in unchartered areas regarding the ways we meet and worship together - we pray that the Lord would fill us with a sense of oneness and know that it is His presence that unites and guides and that we are one body in Him!