Soar - New Year Eve Service

Soar - New Year Eve Service

31st Dec 2023     |     Malayalam

Soar - New Year Eve Service

Ps Rajesh Mathew, Cornerstone church

Isaiah 40: 29- 31- He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (NIV version) 

  • The Holy Spirit has given me verse 31 for the New Year- They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. 
  • The Word used in the NIV version is SOAR.

Since Oct Nov, the Lord has been telling me that “you will soar and fly and fly high this year!”

SOAR means 

To rise or increase dramatically 

To rise to a majestic stature 

An upward flight 



To reach great heights 

To rise swiftly 

To move up 

To go sky-high 

To rise up 

  • When an eagle feels the wind beneath its wings, it rises swiftly. In the same way, the Lord will send the wind of the Holy Spirit beneath your wings so you can fly high. From this second you will arise and soar! The days of you being holed up and side-lined and defeated are over! 

In 2024, the Holy Spirit is bringing a finality upon this matter and you will dramatically, soar and rise. The anointing and grace of God will flow upon the church to change and alter  situations. Receive this in the Spirit. 

2024 is not year where I will lie low, be diseased or be defeated.

  • This is the year I will fly high, not by my strength but by the Holy Spirit. I will rise in the very places where I was humiliated. God will honour you and lift you once again! 

In 2024, I will rise to the levels that God has kept for me. Welcome to your new level!SOAR 

S- Special 

  • You are not like everybody. You are special to God. God has placed an anointing and a mantle upon you. Don’t say that Goutham in my class got only 10 marks, so I will also get that much. No, you are special! Don’t say that everyone in your family wakes up only at 10.00 am, so even you 

will do that. No. You will arise early and worship God. You will not sleep till 10 am like others in the family. 

  • I am special. I am not lazy. God is releasing a grace upon my life. God has kept a level for me. Your life is not just about breathing in O2 and breathing out, CO2. You are not just some casual person. • God will make a differentiation between those who love and don't love God. God will cause you to take what others can't.

2024- What many couldn’t take hold of, God will cause you to take hold of.Saved

  • You are saved by the Blood of Jesus. You are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Angels surround you. The demons leave you. Wherever you walk, you

take that land as an inheritance. You are a saved child of God. You are

saved by His grace. You have an authority given by God.

Strong--- Significant--- Straight 


  • You are separated unto God. You are special. Don’t think bad about

yourself. There are enough people to think bad about you (neighbours,

family etc) but you are saved and special and separated. Let the

redeemed of the Lord say so,“I belong to God”.

God will release an open straight way for you. Wide and open ways, walking with God. 2024- I speak a straight way for you.


  • You will be strong in the Lord. Strong in the grace, in the Word. I AM STRONG BECAUSE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. I am strong because the Word of God dwells in me. I am strong by the grace of God. Let your weaknesses be broken in Jesus' Name. 

2024- God will renew your strength. In the places where you are weakened God will renew strength.

Ruth 2:5- Do not go to glean in another field, nor go from here, but stay close by my young women. Let your eyes be on the field which they reap, and go after them. Have I not commanded the young men not to touch you? 

  • Boaz sees Ruth and asks,“Who is that damsel?” He refers to a married woman, who was widowed as a damsel. Some Bible scholars say Ruth was 40 years old and certain Jewish scholars say she was almost 70 years old. Get ready you 70-year-olds! 
  • Strength in your body, soul and spirit. Let weaknesses leave you. May you experience strength and renewed hope. Let tiredness and diseases leave your body. 



  • An eagle soars even above the storm. It confronts the winds. It rises over it. I am like an eagle. When the hens and the crows hide, the eagle gets on top of the contrary winds.

In 2024, you will be an overcomer. No matter what contrary winds hit you, you will rise above it 

2024- Whatever made you weak in 2023, you will overcome in 2024. It may be sin, it may be physical weaknesses, attraction to the world, or guilt, whatever you were a slave to, God will set you free from it.


  • An eagle always has sharp eyesight. It can see a small little chicken. It can come flying down. • You can always see and observe the blessings that God has kept for you and capture it.

2024- You won't miss your blessings in 2024.


  • Be optimistic. Don't see everything in a negative light.
  • Some of you who are unmarried think now there is no point waiting. Be optimistic. You will overcome.
  • In 2024, hold on to this Word, pray in tongues and God will not withhold any good thing from me. I will rise and fly, in the Name of Jesus. I will soar, I will advance. 


  • I will advance. I will be active because the Holy Spirit will be active in me. I will be active because the Word of God will be active in me. 

You will not go backwards even on a single day in 2024. You will not take a single step backwards in 2024.

  • Don't look for excuses to go backwards. The fuel of the Holy Spirit is coming over you. the third person of the trinity is going to actively work in you. 
  • No matter what comes against your life, you will only go forward. He is releasing that grace and special angels over your life. 

Your life achievement will glorify the Lord. Your promotions and your progress will glorify God. It may be a new job, or a new house or a promotion. It will all glorify God.

There is a WORD over the young people- You will be an achiever – all of you who are writing exams, entrance exams, IAS civil services exams, TOFL exams, you will be an achiever.

My name will be seen on the achiever's list. Don’t look at the failures list.


Redemption benefits 

  • I will experience everything that Jesus did for me on the Cross. You are not among those cursed but you are in the list of those who are blessed.



  • That is going to break tonight. God has sent me with a special anointing to break away delays from your life. For example, it is good to be married at the right time. I got married at the age of 40. Don’t take that as an example. Jijo, who is from the admin team got his daughter married last week and he is one year younger than me, and that same week, I was dedicating my 3-month-old baby! There is an angel that will break every delay in your life. 
  • Building your own house at the age of 50 is nothing to be proud about. I want to release a word upon the youngsters here.

Between the ages of 27 and 35, some of you will build your own houses!

  • Delay in achieving anything in life means you haven't been soaring high, you are lying low. The delays in answers to your prayers. The Holy Spirit will remove every block and remove every barrier causing delays by the angel of God. 
  • Abraham was blessed. His firstborn was Ishmael but Isaac was blessed. Isaac’s firstborn was Esau but Jacob was blessed. Jacob’s first born was Reuben but the 8th son Joseph got blessed. Joseph’s firstborn was Manasseh but Ephraim was blessed. In that family line, we need to know that the firstborns never got their blessings.
  • May the double portion come upon you in Jesus' Name. May you be free from the yoke of delays in Jesus' Name. May everything that fell to the ground without entering your life come back to find you and come back to bless you. Firstborns, be free in Jesus name! 

Your story is changing from his night. 

It is not enough if only one person in your family shines, everyone must shine! 

This is a prophecy---From this day, the blessing is coming upon the family, spiritually, physically, academically, and financially, the entire family will shine in Jesus' Name.

  • What happens when only one person receives the blessing? Don’t you need to then keep helping others in your family? Would you need to then pay the school fees of your brother’s child? There's joy, and overflow when the entire family is blessed. Don’t be selfish. Pray for your entire family. Both the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law must be blessed!

Joshua 24:15- As for me and my household we will serve the Lord.

IN 2024, both me and my family will serve the Lord.

  • Everything is struggle. You are praying, you had a 21 and 40-day fasting, but nothing is easy. Even your dog that loved you before, has started barking at you now. That is because favour has left. Even a dog never barked at the Israelites.
  • There was lots of love in your marriage but now just fights at home. Why? The favour has left. The family members who loved you before now stay away. Why? The favour has left.
  • Favour and blessing will be restored to you. I will get back the favour that I enjoyed in my life earlier. That is the blessing that God has won for us by His redemptive work on the Cross.


  • What was I thinking? How did I get caught in this wrong relationship? Why did I go into that club before that?
  • If you are making mistakes after mistakes, that’s because you are not soaring high, you are not enjoying the redemption benefits 
  • It doesn’t matter how many times the devil may have attacked you in the past, this morning, Today by God's grace, may the Holy Spirit release you from mistakes. 

In 2024, the Holy Spirit is going to bring about a turnaround in your life. You will avoid the mistakes that you should, by the grace of God. Receive that grace

  • Avoidable mistakes won’t happen. God will release grace to refrain from signing a wrong contract, entering into a wrong business, refraining you from being entangled in a wrong relationship, and staying away from unwanted journeys and trips, entering into wrong cars.
  • I will overcome, I will soar, I will enjoy the benefits of redemption. I will rise. This is my year. I will not lie low.
  • There is nothing significant or substantial in your life. Nothing much to talk about. About your offer. As if you are under some yoke. The demonic powers behind that is broken in Jesus name. Praise God.
  • If you have been having time only to get in and out of hospitals, then there is a problem. Prophecy - Divine health upon your bodies
  • Disease, go and let every trap that the enemy has placed over your life break off. That fear that I will become a diseased person or a patient be broken in Jesus' name.
  • You will ride in the high places. When you tell some people that they will soar high, they feel discouraged. They feel an uneasiness. 
  • You are seeing big dreams but not experiencing anything in reality. You walk like an elephant but you are eating like a rat. You need to speak with your mouth- I will soar and fly high. When you say that with your mouth, that bondage will break.
  • Elizabeth had the miraculous blessing of a pregnancy but she couldn't speak about it outside. It was only when she connected with Mary, that baby in her leapt and thus the importance of fellowship!
  • Don't leave the fellowship. You need to keep hearing each other's voices. When Mary came, Elizabeth’s voice was released. Tonight, may the blessing manifest in you so you can loudly speak about it. 
  • You know to sing, but no stage to sing. You can preach but no mike to preach. You have the talent but no opportunities to express it. No glory that is coming from all that you have in you.

May all the blessings and talent manifest in 2024.

  • Till the time that Jesus returns, if you are still on this planet, there will always be people to offend you. It may be your friends, your pastor, your parents, whoever it may be, you don't have an option but to forgive them.
  • The one who has wronged you will happily eat KFC chicken and go on family trips and get on with life but you will suffer because of the bitterness. Toxins are released when you stand in bitterness. Unhappiness is one of the major reasons of cancer.

If you are an eagle and you are offended by what the chickens and parrots speak of you, you are flying too low! 

  • This night may your levels shift, may you grow to the rightful levels that God has prepared for you. 
  • Joyce Meyer said – from the age of 7 to 13 years, her father had raped her about 200 times. But she forgave and got rid of her bitterness. She was able to break to forgive. She finally baptised her father and led him to Christ.

I will not enter 2024 with unforgiveness. I will not fly low. I am not a crow. I will soar and fly high. That is what I am called for. I will wait upon the Lord.

  • An eagle has no ceiling! No imitations.
  • All ceilings are breaking in your life. You will go over the ceiling. You will surpass all levels that your family has operated in. Is there no prophet in your family? God sees you as His prophet. Is there no apostle in your family? God sees you as His apostle.

Fly high. I will soar with wings like eagles. I will fly to places I need to fly to. The blessings that are mine will come flying to me. 

2024- Year of the maximum! God will raise you to the maximum levels. You will soar and fly high.

The blessings will come flying to you. 

  • In James 5, we see that Elijah was righteous and prayerful. We are called to be like him. The provisions came to him flying
  • Elijah never asked for food, when he was sitting on the side of the brook Cherith but despite that the ravens came and got him food.
  • Tomorrow if the crow brings you a KFC chicken, will you eat it? Even if we think that it's God, we will hesitate. Elijah did not have any such inhibitions. We would say, “I would like a little bit

more standard”. Elijah wasn’t like that. He thought- Even if God sends my blessing flying, I will catch it and take it. Whatever your need, provisions will be sent by God flying, big and small, for your entire family.

God can bring your blessing through anybody. It was supernatural food. 

  • My God will supply all YOUR needs according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ. The angel and the crows fed him. A widow fed him. Elijah was humble. He said, “yes, Lord it's fine”. When I had initially stepped into ministry, a boatman came and gave me his first offering. It was a torn 5 rupee note. I felt weird to take it from him but you need that grace to receive. The fact that widow gave money was not for the benefit of the prophet but for the benefit of the widow!! That same boatman ultimately grew to buy his own big mechanised fishing boats! God blessed him for his giving. 

Have Humility. 

  • If you give to God, HE is no debtor to man. He can lift you up beyond what you imagine. You are going to experience divine provision in the Name of Jesus.

2024- You will enjoy divine provisions.

  • Jesus, the Son of Man, did HE not eat with Peter at his place? If the Son of God could do that what stops you from going and eating in some people’s homes? 

No need for any arrogance in 2024. God lifts the humble.

Isaiah 40:1 - 1 "Comfort, yes, comfort My people!" Says your God. 2 "Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her, That her warfare is ended, That her iniquity is pardoned; For she has received from the Lord's hand Double for all her sins." 

This chapter is written as an encouragement and comfort to the children of Israel. 19 chapters in this book are about God’s impending judgement on Israel but in the 40th chapter God is seen comforting HIS people. 


  1. I have the comfort of the Lord. 2024 is the year of God's comfort
  2. The struggle and warfare will end”. Only then will you be able to soar. Why? Because Jesus will take over that battle. I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.
  3. Your iniquity is forgiven. My sins are forgiven. Jesus took God’s wrath that was supposed to come upon me on the Cross. Because guilt, condemnation and the sin consciousness will make you lie low. But because of HIS blood, you don’t need to walk in condemnation, shame and guilt. I am free and I have peace with God. Are you forgiven? Are you aware that your sins are taken by Jesus? Forget not ALL His benefits- Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. 

May good things come upon you in 2024