You are Different

You are Different

26th Nov 2023     |     Malayalam

You are Different

Sunday sermon by Pastor Rajesh Mathew, Cornerstone church, 26 Nov 2022 

  • I am different!
  • Even a dog won’t bark against the children of Israel. You are not an Egyptian, you are redeemed and washed the Blood of Jesus. If you belong to Jesus Christ, if you have the joy of the Holy Spirit inside of you, if you believe in Jesus, YOU ARE DIFFERENT! 
  • You don’t need to experience the pain, challenge, depression, destruction and battles that others do! God will make a distinction. God will exempt you! 

You are different. You have the grace of God inside of you. 

  • God will make a distinction. If you believe that, clap your hands and praise God! The children of Israel had light in their camp when there was darkness in Egypt. • The children of Israel escaped judgment and came out miraculously because of the Blood of the Lamb. No plague will come near my tent. This morning, God will set you apart, He will make a difference. The disease will not destroy you. Supernatural healing is yours this morning. May you be healed in Jesus' name! 

You have divine immunity! 

  • Receive this prophetically.
  • In Malachi 3, the Bible says, ‘God will make a difference between the one who serves Him and the one who does not. There is a difference between you and those who don’t serve God. God will reveal this difference very clearly! In the days to come, God will make a clear distinction between you who worship the Lord in the Spirit and Truth and those who worship falsely. 

You need to live with that mentality- You are different! 

Noel Harvest, a servant of God had a daughter who was suffering from 42 tumours. He prayed for years and one day he felt extremely burdened and sorrowful. Then the Holy Spirit took him into the Presence of God and the Lord asked him, ‘why isn’t your daughter healed?’ He said,

‘Lord I want to ask you the same question. Why is my daughter not healed? I have been praying.” The Lord said to him, ‘I have given you authorityto uproot that disease from your daughter’s life’. We need to take authority and uproot everything that is not of the Lord from our lives. The Holy Spirit has given you divine authority. Rebuke every power of darkness, rebuke the power of demons and disease coming against your children. Then Noel Harvest came back to earth and he walked into the daughter’s room and he rebuked the tumours. Today, may every unwanted growth in your body be uprooted. May they disappear from your body. May testimonies rise.

But still Noel saw nothing change in his daughter. Then he asked the Lord, ‘what else is to be done, Lord?’. The Holy Spirit told him, ‘you have rebuked the tumours, now don’t do anything but just start thanking the Lord’. After 10 days, his daughter jumped out of bed and walked into his room!! She went on to serve the Lord. 

There is a distinction and exemption.

  • The diseases afflicting others cannot afflict you because you are washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ. There is a difference! 
  • There is a difference in your speaking (words), your walking, your perspectives, your life! You don’t need to do what others do. You don’t need to act like others act. 

If you are going through a trouble, never let the devil see your sweat. The Joy of the Lord is YOUR strength! 

  • Tell the devil, “get out devil, I will not sit in tension and fear”. The Lord will make a difference, He will lift me and my family, I will come to the front the back. The Holy Spirit is inside me. The Word is working inside of me. Get out devil in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! 

Every believer carries an anointing of exception. Divine immunity. 

  • You should not think the way the world thinks. Psalm 105 says, do not touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm! That means you have an immunity. • Have you received the anointing of the Lord? If so, the same God will fight for you. No wicked spirit can touch you. 

The Word says in Psalm 91- a thousand may fall at my side and 10000 at my right side but it shall not come near ME! Psalm 91 is your reality 


  • You are called to be kings and priests. 

In the olden days, a king never bowed down before anybody. And even if two kings met, they would never bow down to each other, they would only shake hands. And if it was a local king with just a small territory of a few houses under him and if he were to meet Prince Charles of the Great Britain, he would still not bow to Prince Charles but only shake hands! 

  • We are washed by the Blood of Jesus, we are priests, kings and prophets! We won’t bow down to the world, to the devil or to our situations. We bow down and bend our knees only before the Lord Jesus, the One who died for us and rose again on the Third Day and one of these days he is going to come back in great glory in the clouds. You are different! 
  • Even a dog would recognise you. Some dogs that have been barking against your life will shut up. God will do miraculously for you. You must carry that mindset. In the New Testament, what killed Lazarus? It was not poverty. The dogs licked him. Then he died. But even dogs won’t touch a believer.


  1. They were people of the prophecy

Genesis 15:13- [13] And he said unto Abram, know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; 14 But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterward they will come out with great possessions.

  • By My mighty Right Hand, I will deliver them and bring them out, the Lord promised Israel. They came out of their 400-odd years of slavery. Some deliverances are very loud. Some are whisper-level deliverances. Some are mighty and reveal God’s power. (December 10th to 17th is fasting and power. God’s mighty right Hand will be revealed from Dec 10th to 17th

I am a child of prophecy 

  • If you have a prophecy over your life, you are exempted. The angels will come down where there is a prophecy. The angels came down to Mary, Elizabeth and Abraham’s homes. Why? Because there was a prophecy upon their lives. 

If you have a prophecy, then you have divine immunity. 

  • There is something written about you in the BIBLE. You need to receive it as a prophecy. There is something spoken about you in the BIBLE, you need to put your name there and take that prophecy. 

---Your name---‘s needs shall be met by the Glory of God. By the stripes of Jesus ---your name- --is healed. 

  • We are living in times where we write all the messages but we never read them. At the most, we will pull the notes out to get some points for your next preaching ministry somewhere. And you discuss the points with other believers before your talk. But some people take it, read it, meditate on it, take refuge in it, stand on it, and speak it over their lives. Heavens will come down and honour their faith. May the Lord’s presence and move come upon all your works. I am a prophecy.

The pattern of your life is a prophecy. 

  • You sitting and drinking every day is a pattern and I can prophesy and tell you that you will have a liver problem in future. The patterns of your life must change! • Some keep speaking only about poverty and they will only attract poverty. There is no honourable poor person. The world has no respect for a poor person.

That’s why Jesus says in 2 Corinthians 8:9 He became poor so that you and me by faith in HIM might be made rich! Take it as a prophecy, Jesus took my poverty that I may be made rich. I am going to come out of my poverty in the name of Jesus. 

  • The rich man has many friends and the poor man is an orphan. 
  • If all orphans come together, you can start an orphanage. Let that bondage be broken. There is going to be a distinction. Let nobody teach you the other way. Look to the face of the Lord and HE will not allow you to put be shame. The one who opened the way in the wilderness, brought forth water from a rock turned the water into wine and brought the coin from a fish’s belly, HE can give you what you need.

He delights in the prosperity of his people. I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children of the righteous begging for bread.

Look for a scripture in the Bible to connect to. 

A prophecy not discovered cannot produce anything for you. 

  • Lift up your hands and praise Him. Personalise the Word that God speaks to you. You need to personalise and practically apply it in your life. 
  • In Joshua 1, the Lord says, “if you do what I tell you to do, you will be blessed” No stingy believer has a future. 
  • That lack and narrowness of finances is broken when you give to the Lord. If you have no understanding of the Word, please don’t give your tithe and offering. Please hold on to your money and put it in the locker and don’t share a paisa with anybody! But if you believe that you can never out-give God, when you give with that understanding from the Word, God will make sure that blessings will flow for you beyond measure.

Your prayer should align with your giving. 

  • Otherwise, you will speak in militant tongues but your pocket will be empty. • 2 Corinthians 8 says, out of their poverty they gave liberally. It is written about the Macedonian church. That is how the bondage of lack and poverty was broken.

2) They had a prophet

Your prophet is your profit. 

2 Chronicles 20:20- Believe in God and you shall be established. Believe in the prophets and you shall prosper

Acts 8:30-31-- 30 Then Philip ran up to the chariot and heard the man reading Isaiah the prophet. “Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked. 31 “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. 

  • Philip was going to Gaza, and he met a eunuch. The eunuch says, if there is nobody to guide, how will I understand? 
  • Your prophet is your guide? Somebody has to guide you! After salvation, after the Holy Spirit, the biggest blessing that God has given the church is the teachers, preachers, pastors, prophets and apostles. 

When the devil wants to run over a person, he makes you look down on your prophet. 

  • When you talk down on your prophet, you have locked up your future. Miriam and Aaron had that experience. Lord, My God, help me to Honour my prophet! Egyptians did not have a prophet.

3) They had their God

  • You are exempted. Look to Jesus in the midst of the situations you are going through. Don’t reduce your praise and worship. 

A doctor said to man, you need to exercise since your cholesterol is high. The doctor asked him after a few weeks whether he was doing so, since his levels hadn’t changed. He replied that since I don’t have the time for it, I got a person to help. He does the push ups and thee exercise for me! 

  • Your praise and worship have to be yours and nobody else can do it for you! If you cling to the Lord, He will satisfy you with long life and He will bless you.