Hear and Understand

Hear and Understand

21st May 2023     |     Malayalam

Hear and Understand

Sunday Sermon by Pastor Rajesh Mathew, 21 May 2023 

Habakkuk 1:5- “Look among the nations and watch— Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days, Which you would not believe, though it were told you. 

The Holy Spirit told me, that the Lord is going to do mighty work in the midst of His people in a way that you cannot even believe! It will be a Surprise from the Lord for you!

  • God will do a marvellous work, that is beyond the level that you can conceive right now. It will be through the works of the Holy Spirit. Get ready children of God! This is a prophetic Word for you! 

God has a plan and purpose. Whether you believe it or not, God will do it!! Even before you were born, God had a plan. 

  • You are just getting into the season where the Holy Spirit will unveil His Word and His Work in your life! 
  • The scripture says, ‘You will not believe even if it is told!” There is a negative connotation in that scripture. But the Holy Spirit told me POSITIVELY that God will do something so amazing for His children that you wouldn’t believe it even if it was told to you. 
  • Just because I did not believe, I should not miss out on enjoying, seeing or hearing what God has prepared for me. May I not miss out on what God is doing on planet Earth. God is doing great work in India. He will do great things even in your family.
  • Jesus was born on earth about 2023 years ago. It was a work of the Lord. When Herod heard about this, he was shocked and distressed, he thought about how to kill this son of God. The Birth of Jesus was a mighty work of the Lord of heaven but instead of believing the son of God, Herod wanted to destroy Him. 

What we need this morning is faith and grace to enjoy, see and partake of the amazing work of God 

  • You cannot say I don’t think my family will ever change, this disease will never leave me. Don’t say that! God is able to restore your life and health in the most amazing ways. If you believe, say “supernatural wholeness and healing in the name of Jesus”. Some people say, “no matter what God does for anybody, I don’t think I will see anything change in my life.” 

Just like a piece of a magnet attracts iron, your faith is able to attract the works of God. This morning may your faith be a magnet attracting God’s favour. 

His great works will be revealed in your finances, your ministry and your relationships. God’s great work! 

Mark 11:22- Have ye the God kind of faith. 

  • GOD KIND of faith, not your faith but the faith of God. “Have it” means, you just need to take it. God says, have ye the God kind of faith. Don’t walk in your faith. Have My faith! He will do great things for you, your finances, and your home, in India.

Don’t see this in your faith. Have ye the God kind of Faith. 

  • May there be a release of faith in the Name of Jesus. 
  • The Lord Jesus cursed a fig tree and then He tells His disciples, ‘What I did with this fig tree, you can do to a mountain’. Today may you have the grace to command a mountain to be removed from your life. May you move in that grace.

David Hog, is a man of God who has raised up 11 to 12 people from the dead. He had said that when a sick person is commanded to be healed in the name of Jesus, one shouldn’t be shocked if he is, in fact, one should be shocked if he isn’t! It would be a miracle if he wouldn’t be healed. If you command a blessing in the Name of Jesus, if you are not blessed, then you ought to be shocked!

That is what God has kept for His children. To be a partaker of God’s works. God has called you only to see signs, miracles and wonders. 

God is raising up a FAITH GENERATION. 

Jesus said in Luke 18, when he comes back on the clouds will he find faith on the earth? Are you ready to walk in faith? The Holy Spirit is raising a generation to walk in faith.



Isaiah 1:18- “Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. 

  • God is challenging you. He will cleanse you and make you Holy. You can’t do it on your own but the Blood of Jesus is sufficient for you. HE will make you whiter than Snow. 

A sinner becoming a holy person is a miracle and a work of God. 

  • God is saying this to you. You must be living the worse life, weak, fallen and in the dark but the Holy Spirit says, I will do something- I will transform a sinner into a holy person. Take that! Holy Spirit and His mercy will help you change that weakness and that personality. The greatest sinners converted to be the greatest holy person. There is a chance. 


2 Corinthians 5:17- This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! And all of this is a gift from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ.

  • Becoming a new creation is an amazing work of God. The Holy Spirit is pouring forth a grace over your life. It is going to be a work that is hard to believe.
  • It is easy to walk in religion. You may have fasted and prayed but still seen no change. We feel discouraged that nothing has changed but by the word of God, if any man be in Christ he is a new creation. This is the work of God. Today even if you don’t receive anything else, just believe that God can make you a new creation. 
  • Peter fell at the feet of Jesus and prayed, ‘I am a sinner and go away from me’. But the Lord worked in him and he was transformed into a new creation. And then, even his shadows healed people. If God could anoint even the shadows of a person who called himself a sinner, may the Holy Spirit bring forth certain manifestations throughout your life too. He desires to do it.


Romans 16:20-20 The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

  • The God of peace. Satan may have controlled you in the past. He may have manipulated you. But the same God will crush Satan and the devil under YOUR feet! May the works and manifestations of victory be revealed in your life. We are a victorious church. This is the working of the Lord. Satan put fear, sin and failures into your life. God is pouring forth 

grace, power and anointing to be victorious and if you believe, you will see Satan crushed under your feet. Praise God.


John 3:28-29- 28 You yourselves bear me witness, that I said, ‘I am not the Christ,’ but, ‘I have been sent before Him.’ 29 He who has the bride is the bridegroom; but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. Therefore, this joy of mine is fulfilled. 

  • Would this be possible without the work of the Holy Spirit? Can someone believe that a girl from the slum was chosen to be the wife of Bill Gates’s son? 

There is a true story a pastor once told me about, something that happened in Kerala. The son of a very wealthy man fell in love with a girl from a very poor background. Their lives were absolutely in contrast to each other. But the boy was adamant that he will marry no one else but her. The father had no choice but to agree. But before that, he came up with a master plan. He decided to do everything he can to bring that girl to their level. He provided for that family to build a big house, buy cars, start businesses, teach the girl English and groom her to evolve and match up to the boys’ standards. And when this was all achieved, the boy’s father finally went to the girl’s family asking for her hand for his son!

  • This is what the Lord does for His Church. He makes us worthy and he adorns us to be his bride. This is nothing but the work of the Lord. Jesus put on us the garments of righteousness and gave us favour, blessing, value and grace. The church is a spoken English 

class. The church teaches us How-to live in Christ, and how to walk in authority, the church is actually a class. The Lord made us the Bride of Christ. Rejoice in the Lord. • We have a standard now because Jesus owned us. How many people put us down, how many people left us alone, and how many rejected us? But Jesus brought us close to Himself and said, you are my Pride. Can you believe this? can you believe this is the work of the Lord? 


  • It was the work of the Lord that gave you victory over death. The Word says that the one who dies in me, will not die but live forever.

Do you need to fear death? No. It is a translation into the presence of God. Your family can only come up to the grave but beyond that, only the Holy Spirit will come to take you to the Home in heaven. May the fear of death leave this place. Our lives don’t end here. It is beyond this life. 

  • How many of you are praying for long life? Only a few? Should I pray for the rest? The Lord said that he will satisfy us with long life. How much life span do you desire? 100 or 120 years? 

Revelations 20:7- you will reign with Christ for 1000 years on the earth.

  • God will make you reign and rule over the earth. 
  • Not everybody has the same reward according to the Bible. Not everybody has the same big mansion in heaven. But what you did for Jesus while you were alive will determine the size of your mansion in heaven. You may be a wealthy man with cars and a ten-bedroom mansion, but never did a thing for God. Maybe you will have a one-bedroom place in heaven. 

Therefore, while you are here on the earth, maximise what you can do for Jesus. 

  • Sun and the moon have their own glory. You will be glorious bodies in heaven. If you only keep thinking about your career here on earth then you are missing out. God is doing great things here on earth and if you participate and partake of His move here on earth, if you stand along with Him, there is a reward in the life to come. You need to walk and live accordingly.

A young boy was going in a bus. Next to him was an elderly person. The boy kept eating chocolates one after the other. The elderly person kept watching this. And finally, he said, don’t eat so much of chocolate, it isn’t good for you. you can develop lifestyle diseases like diabetes, then the boy replied and say there was a man in my neighbourhood who lived for 100 years. Not by eating chocolate but by not poking his nose into other people’s lives!

Just mind your business, keep your eyes on God and focus on fulfilling what He has called you for and you will live long! 

When you do that God will do great things. Grace and strength flow there. 


Mathew 13:8- 8 Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. 

This is a prophetic utterance. God will do some works that are not just spiritual, and eternal, but also in your finances. He will do it in such a way that will make you say, this was possible only by the Lord!

  • Surrender your finances to the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit to work on it. You have been hearing about finances for the past couple of weeks. But today just give it to God. May He once again refertilize and remove stagnation and make it fruitful.

May the things that are stopped restart- certain companies and relationships RESTART. May those things that ceased, restart. 

Worship in the Spirit. 

People who are incurably spiritual will see that work happen in their lives! Incurably upright, incurably filled with the fire of the Holy Ghost, incurably honest, incurably sincere. Such people who stay connected to Jesus., God will send his move and work even upon their finances.

  • We keep speaking about walking in the spirit and walking blameless, we think it is only for the pastors and preachers. The richest man in the Bible was Abraham, he wasn’t a preacher, Isaac and Joseph weren’t ministers of the gospel. Daniel too wasn’t, Job wasn’t. They were business people, people in the agricultural field, diplomats, people in the political field, and animal husbandry field, but God’s Presence was upon them, they walked under the anointing and blessed their finances. 

This is not for the ministry members only! He is a God who will bless you in the space that you are in. Walk with Jesus. 

Mathew 13- some fell on the wayside, some on the rocky places and some among thorny bushes. God’s Word is the Seed and 

Wayside- people who have forgotten what was preached even as they leave the church

Rocky places- people who believe the Word till they reach their house. Then they open the Bible only the next week. 

Thorny bushes- You receive the Word but when challenges come, you forget the Word. 

That is not what am speaking about. I am speaking about the seed that fell on goodground.

  • But the results are different. Some got 30. Some 60 and some 100-fold. Why is that? Is God partial? Is the pastor partial? It is the same work of God. It is the same seed of God. What then is the difference?

Verse 23: 23 But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” 

He who hears the Word and understands it. Depending on how much you have understood the word, is the fruitfulness. Your results (30, 60 or 100) are proportional to how much you have understood. 

You need to understand that God is doing mighty works on the earth. People who understand – ‘this is my blessing, I can be used by the Lord, God can change me, God can bless me, God can make me grow to my full potential’. Understand this! Give glory to God.

Conviction and confidence come only from what you understand and not just what you hear. 

  • You need to understand. Open your mouth and say I want to see and experience the Hand of the Lord working for me. I can crush the devil under my feet! God has given me the grace. May you have the understanding for your eternity and for your time here on earth.

Whatever you do, do it in the understanding of God’s Word. This will release God’s move upon the matter. Even what you give to the Lord, understand why you give from the Word and you will be blessed. When you understand eternity from the Word, you will continue to serve God despite the oppositions in this life.