Overflowing Blessing

Overflowing Blessing

15th Jan 2023     |     Malayalam

Overflowing Blessing

The Overflowing Blessing

Sunday sermon by Pastor Rajesh Mathew, 15 January 2023 

Isaiah 44:3- For I will pour water on him who is thirsty,

And floods on the dry ground;

I will pour My Spirit on your descendants,

And My blessing on your offspring;

Overflowing blessing! 

  • This is the year of the overflow of God in our lives. This is the blessing released upon our lives by the Holy Spirit- An overflowing blessing by the power of the Holy Spirit. Many will flow in Spirit and enter into a season of overflowing blessing.

Galatians 3:13-14- 13 Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”), 14 that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. 

  • We are called to walk in the blessing of Abraham. The centrality of Christ is the reason for your blessing. It may be a spiritual or material blessing, but the fact is that Jesus took my curse on the Cross so I can walk in the blessing of Abraham. If you are sure of this and certain of this, then you shall walk in His blessing.
  • Everything that we need for our blessing was all done and provided through Jesus on the Cross. A lot of people are after a miracle. When I ask people whether they want a blessing or a miracle, many will say miracle. 

There is Blessing and there is also Miracle. Which is bigger, which is greater?

1 Peter 3:9- Not returning evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary blessing, knowing that you were called to this, that you may inherit a blessing. 

Blessing comes from a higher person to a lower person. 

Hebrew 7:7- But without any dispute, the lesser person is blessed by the greater. It is always the greater who blesses the lesser.

  • The greatest One is here in our midst, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus that the Father releases His blessing upon His children. When you leave this place, you will see the manifestation of the Blessing of God and the anointing that is needed to activate that manifestation is here. God will move you into that anointing. 

What is the Blessing?

  1. Blessing is a spiritual invisible force. You cannot see it: That is what is the anointing. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you can’t see Him, you can only see His manifestation in your life. The blessings that manifest in your life are through that anointing that comes upon you. 

The anointing brings out the blessing. What is inside comes out through the oil. 

  1. If we need to know what is inside you? Check the social media handles. What is inside you is what is posted out. Is it family, is it business or is it Jesus? You will put that out. 

Today is a morning when the oil will bring outside what is inside of you.

  1. Something else will happen too. Certain things outside of you also will come inside this morning. When Jesus went into a house, a woman came there and broke an alabaster jar with expensive perfume at the feet of Jesus. Judas looked at this and said, the money could have instead been given to the poor. Who was Judas? It was the same person who would be selling Jesus off for 30 pieces of silver! Look at him speaking about what could be done with the perfume! 

Prophecy: When the insiders cause trouble to you, God will send someone from outside to bless you with something more valuable! Whether it is in your business or otherwise, if an insider is turning against you, God is raising people outside of your circle and releasing them into your life to bless you.

  1. Blessing makes you an instrument of divine favour

It means you are God’s favourite. It means the spotlight is on you. 

  • God’s favour means that the trajectory of your life will be influenced by HIM. His love and His favour will be focused on you. That is the kind of season that the Lord is moving some of you not. Even in your workplaces. Grace Lord, Grace Lord, Grace Lord.
  • The blessing can overshadow you like a cloud. I have had experience- when I would go to a home to pray I have seen the cloud of God’s blessing just move away. I can’t even say that to them. I just speak a Word and leave and I keep them in prayer. When we look back, the family has lost blessing after blessing. In some other houses, I have seen the cloud of God’s blessing come and hover over them and they are in the groove. They don’t even need to pray. The blessings just follow after them.

This morning, may the Lord cocoon you with such presence that will lead you into the Glory Zone. You and your family into the Glory Zone, there the Lord will release something supernatural over your life. Receive it! 

2023 is a year of the Overflow.

  • In Hebrew, numericals are accompanied by visuals. The Hebrew word for the letter 3, is accompanied by the visual of a camel. Let certain camels be released into your lives. In the Old Testament, if people saw camels coming into their city or town, that was a sign that the time of lack and famine in that town was going to end. The blessing is coming! 

In 2023, in a manner that will change the situation of your family, God will bring blessings and camels in your life. Let certain things come into your life.

  • Isaac was praying and he saw Rebekah coming on the camels to him. Not just Rebekah but everything that Isaac needed, all the good things and blessings came on 10 camels to him.

If you are a person who is praying, certain blessings are coming into your life. 

  • For Some of you who are praying for life partners for your children, God is sending the blessing your way. Say, ‘Thank you Lord for sending the blessing, not just provisions but the right partner for my life’. 
  • When Jesus Christ was born, the kings and the wise men came on camels. • In 2023, I will overflow with blessings. I will not be afraid about my future or be concerned about provisions or my spiritual life. Surender to Jesus, look at His face, not only will He fill you but he will fill you to the overflow. The Holy Spirit will do this for you and your generations for the glory of God.
  1. Blessing makes you Priests and Kings

Revelations 1:5-6- 5 and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, 6 and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father —to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen. 

Not only are we forgiven of our sins, but we have been made priests and kings. We have a twin role as believers. 

  • As a priest, we would go into the presence of God, give him praise and openly commune with Him, thank Him, give Him glory and cry for him, and intercede. That is the priest. 

Once you come out of your prayer closet, you are a KING. 

  • As a king your cup will overflow, and you will command your blessing. I command my resurrection, healing and blessing to come.

As you decree with your tongue, so shall you be. Heaven will do as you speak. 

  • Sometimes, you can go into God’s presence and plead. But don’t plead with a bank or before a doctor. But as a priest, because you are washed by the Blood of Jesus, you can call on Jesus and ask Him, “Lord do not put me to shame.” There you plead and pray but not in front of the world. In the world, you command forth. May the Holy Spirit give you insight into where you can plead and where you can command.

Don’t plead with the devil to leave, “Please devil go”. You have to command Him to get out! 

May the Lord release you in a realm of authority by which you can speak to your mountain and command it to be uprooted. A realm of AUTHORITY in Jesus’s Name. Bondages will leave your family, mountains will be uprooted. The Holy Spirit is releasing that oversome people today. 

  • In 2 Kings 6, we see that an entire nation comes against one prophet. Chariots, army, swords etc come only to catch one prophet. Just imagine what that one prophet must be carrying inside of him! 

When too many arise against you, you need to know that there is something inside of you. You are carrying something. 

  • If the people are raising up against you now, it is a sign that you have an anointing of the Holy Spirit within you. Wherever Paul went, either there were riots or there was revival! He knew who was inside of Him and he was not worried about people coming against him. Imagine what a prophet carries?! 
  • The servant with Elisha saw the army and was scared. He ran to tell him about what he saw. He tried to spread his fear to the prophet. The prophet was not afraid.

2023, no matter what comes against your life, you will not fear. Because there will be a grace upon you to stand bold and courageous. 

  • Though an army should encamp against me, I will fear no evil. For the Lord is my light and He is my salvation. This prophet begins to immediately pray, not in anxiety and worry, but he prayed, Lord, just open the servant’s eyes. And when the servant eyes were opened he said, there are more with us than with the enemy. 
  • May the Lord open your eyes to the invisible realm to see the angels and the Presence of God that are for you. May the holy spirit show you the angles that are on an assignment from God to make your blessing happen. May your eyes be opened to see your blessing, to see people who are there to help you.

If you are only seeing your problems, that means your eyes are actually closed. 

  • If you are constantly worrying about what will happen to your life, thinking that nobody knows how big your problem is, and always doubting what the pastor says, you are not a believer!
  • Holy Spirit OPEN MY EYES. If the Holy Spirit opens your eyes, you will see the camels coming, you will see your children being blessed, you will see the wells and the fountains being opened up for you, you will see the Hand of God that leads you, you will the multitudes of angels that are being released to help you.

May the Holy Spirit open your eyes, and may you see your miracles, if your eyes are closed you will see the problem only. But if your eyes are opened, you will the solution. 

In the old testament, they saw the army and in the New Testament, you see the commander of the army of the hosts. The Lord of hosts He is in your heart. Christ in you is the hope of glory! 

  • Psalmist says yea though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil. For the Lord is with me and His rod comforts me. May we have that deep assurance and conviction. May you know that the army of devil cannot destroy you, that medical report cannot destroy you. Because God took all that on the Cross, you can walk in the blessing of healing this morning.

God does as you speak. 

  • In Ezekiel 37 we see the prophet speaking to dry bones and then an army of God rising from them. When you speak, the wind begins to blow. When you speak, things happen. One of the versions says, when God asks the prophet, can these bones live, the prophet says, with me it can’t happen but with You, it can happen.

With GOD it can happen. You look at your impossible situation and prophesy- with me it can’t happen, but with God, it can happen! A cemetery is an unlikely place for a revival but with GOD it can happen! Open your mouths and prophecy. 

Your words can even change your season. 

The season in your business, and in your family is about to change. The dead, dry, destroyed areas of your life without any joy will be resurrected and will change through the words of your mouth. In 2023 things will change by the words you speak.

  1. Blessing can be worn like a jacket. We learn that from Joseph’s life. 5. Blessing can prevent you from misfortunes and mishaps. 
  2. There may be family curses, you will be protected from it. When a blessing comes, the curse is cut off 
  3. When blessing comes, things will be turned for your good. 
  4. Blessing is a trouble converter 
  5. Blessing can be transferred 
  6. Blessings are irreversible- If God commands a blessing, nobody can reverse it.

Numbers 23:20- I have received a

command to bless; he has

blessed, and I cannot change/

reverse it.

Balaam is called to curse the

Israelites. He climbs on the hill and

then he cannot curse. He sees the 12

tribes standing in the shape of a

Cross with the ark of the Covenant

in the middle. 

Balaam says whom the Lord has blessed, who can curse?! The one who is blessed in Christ Jesus, no one can curse. The blessing can’t be reversed. 

What is the difference between a Miracle and a Blessing?

If you are blessed you don’t need a miracle- If you are blessed with good health you don’t need a miracle healing. You don’t need to fear disease. If you are blessed financially, you 

don’t need a miracle to avert your mortgaged house. What we need is a blessing that overflows from our cup. 

  • A miracle means that you need an intervention from God to divinely enter into a situation because something went wrong somewhere and you gave the devil a foothold. If you say that “I saw this miracle in January, in February, another miracle in March”, that means you are not walking in the blessing of God. It only means that you are going from one crisis to another, where you are dependent n God to intervene in that situation! 
  • But in all 12 months of the month, if God’s blessings overflow in your life, then you don’t need miracles. You are walking in God’s blessing. May such a realm be opened up for you. let your cup overflow. 
  • He Word blessing is used in the Bible over 100 times & the word miracle, 33 times. 

Miracles happen suddenly but the blessing is a slow process- The manifestation of blessing is a slow process. Miracles are instantaneous. 

  • Blessing is there but takes time to manifest. Suddenly one day you realise, even after taking all those weights, at the age of 45 you still don’t have any back pain.

Miracles sometimes make you look to other people. But Blessings make you see how effortlessly and tension freely you are receiving everything you need. Let your cup overflow. 

  • Many people come to church for miracles. They get their miracle and they go. But may this congregation walk in the blessing! 
  • There are no miracles in heaven. You don’t need them there. Peter is not coughing in heaven. You are blessed.

When God created man in the garden of Eden, the first thing God commands them is to be fruitful and to multiply. God blessed them. Be fruitful and multiply. God did not say, be fruitful and let things be added unto you. But God says MULTIPLY!!! Not addition! 3 +3 = 6 (NO!) but 3 X 3= 9 (YES!) 

Your blessing and strength to multiply. Let it multiply. We are going to conduct a graduation ceremony! From miracle to blessing! 

What should we have for an overflowing blessing?

  1. A consciousness of the blessings that you have in Christ Jesus 2. Faith to overcome all mediocrity 
  2. Your obedience to God’s Word 
  3. Your faithfulness to What God has given you/ Your proven stewardship of things that God has entrusted you with it 
  4. Your capacity to manage- God needs to feel like you have the capacity to manage what He has kept for you. 

God wants to increase the church but are we able to manage it? There are some pastors who are very anointed, they know the depth of the Word, they have a strong prayer life, holiness, and also the anointing. But they don’t have the wisdom to manage. 

In 2023 your cup will overflow!