Power of God's favour

Power of God's favour

10th Jul 2020     |     English

Power of God's favour

The Power of God's Favour

Psalm 5:12 Proverbs 22:1

  • Favour can do that which money can't do.
  • Favour more important than money. Money will fail you.
  • I am going to tap into God's favour by faith.


Blessing means empowerment to prosper, excel, succeed, increase, multiply and rise above everything that keeps you down. Favour is that which produces the opportunity for you to be blessed.

Proverbs 22:10-

  • Many have talent but no opportunity to use that talent and grow.
  • May you have opportunity to excel for the glory of God
  • It is one thing to live an another thing where you enjoy life and life is overflowing through you Genesis 12:2- I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless you (with abundant increase of favours)
  • Increase of favours. It is plural.
  • Opportunity after opportunity even if you missed or messed up one. It means throughout your life!
  • In 2020, God will open newer dimensions of favour! Galatians 3:13-14- Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, that the blessing of
  • There is something coming upon you. It is not the plague but a blessing.
  • Blessing and favour is a mindset. Psalm 3:8- I will not be afraid of tenthousands of people
  • Selah means think about it. It means that Jesus died for you and that the blessing is upon you! Be favour minded, even if I am in the desert and the wilderness, you will excel. Becoz the blessing and favour of God is upon me.
  • Favour means advantage. "I have an advantage because I belong to Jesus "

Favour breaks protocol

Favour is celestial selection overruling terrestrial explanation (you don't know why this person is favoured)

  • God doesn't look into your past history to decide whether He wants to bless you.
  • He has selected you, He has chosen you. We don't know why. It is called favour.

Favour is God's extra on your ordinary!

  • Have something extra everyday from God!

Favour is divine super on the human!

  • People don't have that mindset and so they dont enjoy this favour.
  • Peter said that that we are

Favour will make you stand out

Esther was FAVOUR CONSCIOUS Esther 2:15- 17

  • Esther obtained favour in the sight of the Lord, the King and the eunuch. Esther 5:2, 7:3, 8:5 When you have favour you can't suffer from human rejection
  • Gods blessing will manifest in your life

BLESSING AND GOD'S MERCY ARE DIVINELY CONNECTED Psalm 102:13- when mercy shows up, favour shows up.

Genesis 39:21- God was with Joseph and showed him mercy and gave him favour in the sight...

  • David committed a great sin. Saul's not such a great sinner. But Saul lost the anointing and David is called a man after Gods heart. Why? 2 Samuel 7: 15- But my mercy shall not depart from him as I took it from Saul whom I put before thee.

1 Chronicles 17:13-

  • For Saul, there was no mercy but for David there was mercy. And together with mercy came favour.
  • Your generations enjoy the blessing because you have mercy Romans 12:1
  • We don't remember everybody. But only those who have made an impact

Favour is that which makes you have an impact!

  • A generation like Mordecai that will not bow down before any evil agent but before the Lord.
  • Be a part of that generation! You will be remembered because your story is changing tonight. Your life is deviating into another direction tonight.
  • You can hear the voice of God because of His mercy Isaiah 60:10- In my favour have I found mercy on thee
  • Bartholomew heard that Jesus was going that way and cried for mercy!

Psalm 107:23

Go into the deep, sharks and whales. Somebody's business is going to go into the deep waters. You will catch big huge fish because of the favour of God.

You are going to break records!

You cannot offend God and expect God to defend you.

  • Abraham was told by God to get out! Sometimes you need to break the mould. May be a religious mould or may be a thinking pattern, a tradition or a culture.God tells Abraham, get out! 1 Samuel 2:26

Promise over Abraham: I shall make your name great and I shall use you to be a blessing into the nations of the world.