Power Of Christmas

Power Of Christmas

25th Dec 2019     |     Malayalam

Power Of Christmas

Christmas message by Pastor Rajesh Mathew, 24 Dec 2019, Cornerstone Church

When we were kids, we used to make mangers at home. And while buying things for the manger, we had camels, Josephs, sheep, Mary, baby Jesus. The cheapest of them all was Jesus (because it was the smallest) and the most expensive of them all was the camel!

Tonight we need to remember that Jesus is the most valuable is Jesus and most powerful.

In Christianity and human history, there are two things that was very significant. First, the birth of Jesus Christ and second, the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The most significant and powerful aspects of human history are these two. It divided time into BC and AD. This Jesus is here in our midst to heal, deliver, set free and perform miracles even today


1) The power of supernatural conception

Mary’s wasn’t a normal pregnancy. There is a need for a man and woman for normal conception but this was supernatural. Jesus is the divine human incarnation. God became flesh. The process of the Son of God becoming the Son of Man. This was practically impossible. The divine becoming human was impossible. It can be likened to a fly giving birth to an eagle. Maybe, the entire water of the Atlantic Ocean poured into a bottle or Mount Everest being contained in a vessel. It is impossible to imagine.

  • Through Jesus Christ, God came to the earth in the form of a man 2000 years ago. God revealed Himself in Christ. It is a miracle. It cannot be understood by our intellect. That is the power of supernatural conception. God Himself must open our minds to understand the possibility of divine.

Mary became pregnant with the One who created her! Mary thought she was carrying the pregnancy but the pregnancy was carrying her!

  • God became flesh in Jesus Christ! This conception broke all the normal rules and laws of reproduction.
  • An Angel of God came and spoke to Mary and said that the power of the Most High God will overshadow you! There was no need for a man.

This night let the same presence of God come upon you. Let certain divine conceptions take place in your life! Let divine seeds be planted

If this is not a miracle, nothing else is!

Immaculate conception- sinless, stainless conception. We all were born in sin but Jesus had no sin in Him. He was born sinless by the power of God.

If you are connected with Jesus at a personal level, door ways to unimaginable possibilities is opened up for you!

You can never predict what will happen to somebody who is connected to God. It is not explainable! STOP LIMITING YOUR LIFE! Divine possibilities for those who walk with Jesus.

Unusual things happened. Mary did not go around trying to explain to everyone that this was not her mistake or it was not a sinful thing that she did. When God does some things, it is impossible to explain it to people. It is not possible to explain how a youngster like me who had ganja can stand and preach the gospel to people, how someone who stammered can stand up and boldly preach!

Sarah who had attained menopause, how did she become a mother at the age of 90? It is impossible to explain

We believe in the supernatural! The El Shaddai God who gave Abraham and Sarah a son Isac, is able to release laughter over your life.

2) It is power of prophetic fulfilment

700 years before Jesus was born, Prophet Isaiah has predicted his birth in Isaiah 7:14 that says, “behold a virgin shall give birth to a child”.

Micah 5:2- “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, Though you are little among the thousands of Judah, Yet out of you shall come forth to Me The One to be Ruler in Israel, Whose goings forth are from of old, From [a]everlasting.”

  • Jesus was born nearly 2000 years ago, in Ephrathah Bethlehem, when Mary and Joseph were from Nazreth. How did this happen? Augustus Caesar had declared a census in all the places under the Roman Empire that every person needed to go to their ancestral town and register. Ths brought them to Bethlehem. Augustus Caesar was compelled by the Lord just in time for Jesus’s birth
  • In 2020, even without the people in positions of authority in this nation realising, God will release certain writings and laws that will beckon the season of revival in our land. Certain political leaders will be compelled by the Lord.

There is an invisible working in the physical realm. God used even a Caesar; He used wise men and kings. God will use anybody at any time anywhere to fulfil His plans and purposes in your life

  • The Lord can release and compel political leaders, neighbours, business leaders into your life to fulfil his prophecy over your life!
  • If God could move Caesar, God can move anyone. He is the power of supernatural prophecy.
  • There is a prophecy over this church. It has come up to this level only by His prophecy.

What the Father has said, HE will fulfil!

  • This church is a fulfilment of His prophecy. It is only the beginning! We are seeing only the runway. Only one fourth is completed. Lot more to be fulfilled

Reinhard Bonke said every prophetic word is history spoken in advance.

  • Prophecy is History waiting to happen. God will rearrange situations to fulfil His prophecies over your life.

Beyond human visibility is divine activity!

3) Power of supernatural delivery

The Bible doesn’t record the presence of a midwife, or a doctor, or a nurse in the manger here Jesus was born. Still a delivery happened without any complication. A supernatural delivery.

Certain pregnancies that are complicated are being set free by the Lord. In 2020 you will have supernatural deliveries.

Even if you deliver in a bus, a blessed progeny will come.

No one else is needed to fulfil the vision God has given you! You don’t need the help of any man.

If God said it, it will happen.

Pastor- Ï told the worship team and the associate pastors that they are partaking of the grace that God has given me. I have a burden from the Lord. I will be a part of the end time army of the Holy Spirit of God. Who is with me or who isn’t with me doesn’t bother me one bit!

Did you start the business upon God’s direction? Even without anyone’s help, that business will prosper. Did God tell you to build that house? Even if you do not get a bank loan, God will help you finish that house.

What God has spoken, His arm will fulfil!

  • Let that conviction and assurance come upon your heart tonight. Did you step out for God upon His leading? He is faithful to complete that He started.
  • God’s arm will work for you.
  • Do you know when you get upset? When you see people you expected to help you, leave you. But God will help you.

4) The power of supernatural preservation

Jesus was born in a manger, an animal house. Any infection could come attack the child. Under 28 days, we are worried about sanitising and hygienic conditions for our babies. The excreta of cows and sheep was lying all over the place. The one and only Son of God, whom the angels worshipped was born there but He was not touched by any infection. When Jesus was born, the germs and the bacteria perished.

When God’s presence comes upon you, there is no room for disease, cancer or illness. That tumour has to disappear

  • Give importance to the presence of Jesus. All the bondages will break. In His presence is the fullness of joy.
  • Jesus may have been born in a manger. It doesn’t matter where you were born but when you end up at the end is what matters. Your destiny is important; which way are you headed to is what is important.

Your history is not as important as your destiny.

  • Your beginning may be small. Your business may be small. But God can do great things for you. Do not despise small packages and small beginnings.

The devil did not see me coming!

  • God always glorifies His Name is ways that we can never imagine.
  • God deliberately chose the weak and the broken to display His power through you and me. God be glorified through them!

5) The power of supernatural announcement

The angels announced the arrival of the Saviour. Mary did not have to walk around declaring it to people

For your business or your ministry to move forward you do not need to announce it. Heavens will descend to advertise and to present you. The angels of God and Jesus will advertise you.

You do not have to tell me that you do not have a place to advertise your business or no one to help you develop your Facebook page or that nobody is there to drive your ministry forward.

You do not need to advertise. Jesus will advertise you.


Supernatural publicity is coming your way. Those who are on earth to fulfil God’s purpose will access GOD’s publicity

Don’t struggle to make yourself known. If you have a passion to make God known, He will make you known!

I come to church to build contacts. NO! Are you here to connect with Jesus?

Don’t struggle to know people. Only struggle to know Jesus. God presence upon your life is God’s complementary card.

In 25 years of my ministry I have never looked to people. In your career and job, don’t announce. If it is kingdom oriented and if you have surrendered that business to the Kingdom, God will announce you. This is a prophecy over some business people.

6) The power of miraculous provision

Mathew 2:11- And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him. And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

  • Jesus was born in the manger. The shepherds saw the babe. But when the wise men came, they did not come to the manger, they came to the home and the Bible says that they saw the young Child. By the time the kings came, the infant had grown to be a child.
  • Everyone says that three wise kings. But there were over 300 kings and wise men who came to see Jesus.
  • Mathew 3 talks about Herod being shaken. The whole of Jerusalem was shaken not with the coming of three wise men but 300 kings! The city was shaken. Along with them came their security. Kings came and knocked at the door. They opened the door and they said that they had come to see the child.

Something is coming knocking at your door. Is there Jesus in your home? Someone is going to come knocking. Good things beyond your imagination is entering your home.

  • Bible translation says that they opened their treasure chest. Gold, frankincense, myrrh, all expensive things.
  • Luke 2 talks about Jesus was born in a manger and on the 8th day, He was at home. When they went back they offered turtle doves for a sacrifice at the temple. By birth, they were poor. But the situation changed. But when Jesus came, the treasure chest of the Kings was opened up for them.
  • Our God prospers His people. Your beginning may be small. But if Jesus is in you, a treasure chest is going to be opened in your life. In the past, you may have had hardly anything to give, but when God blesses you, the blessing will come knocking at your door. God is releasing supernatural anointing of provision over your life.
  • Definitely save wisely, spend carefully, give liberally—all that is true but there is something beyond that---the supernatural provision of God.

The power of Christmas- tonight that is the power we need! The most valuable thing in your life is your relationship with Jesus Christ. Give your heart to Jesus.